Asian girls look erotic and hot to me

I don’t know about you, but if I give you my opinion then I would say Asian girls look very hot and erotic to me. I am sure many of you would have an agreement with my opinion while some others Two hot Asian girlsmay have different feelings for this. But as far as I am concerned, they always look very erotic and hot to me and I think the following are reasons for that.

Feminine look

I feel all the Asian girls have the most feminine look and appearance that make them different from other erotic women from the west. Asian girls own a petite figure that makes them more feminine. Also, they have a beautiful face, silky hair and smooth skin that is a quality that I always want to see in my hot and erotic female partner. So, I can say this particular thing about them without any doubt.

Loving and caring

I got lucky enough to spend time with many hot girls including Asian one. I always noticed that my female partners from Asian girls always showed love, care and compassion to me. That is a quality that makes them more erotic in my point of views. I am sure many other men would mimic this feeling without any question. That is why I consider this as one of the most important qualities of these hot women.

Less dominating

We all can have a different opinion on this particular point but I always feel Asian girls are less dominating compared to their western counterpart. I do accost this fact that I might be wrong and I do not think you all would agree with it. But here I am giving my opinion and I can say all the Asian girls look hot and erotic to me because of their less dominating nature as well along with other physical qualities.

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