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All the men in this world want to increase their potential or capacity for sex and they try to find the best formula to have the best potential in sex. For this formula people don’t mind reading any book that can offer this formula for better sex and people try those things as well that they read in this kind of book. I also know some tips and tricks that you can find in every book related to sex and these tips that I know can act as the best formula as well for better potential.

For your help, I am sharing this simple formula below in some tips and if you can follow these tips than I am sure you will never need to read any book for better sex potential.

Be confident: Many time people fail to perform well in sex because they do not feel confident about their own skills. Due to this lack of confidence people find it really impossible to have better result and any formula for better potential also do not work for them. If you will read any good book about this subject, then you will notice that confidence is the most important formula that people need to remember for having better skills in sex. So, just like every good book, I will also suggest you to stay confident on your own skills while having a physical relation with your partner.

Get in shape: Many people think that they can have better sex with their female partner even if they are in bad shape. You need to understand that, any book or formula cannot alter your physical strength which is one of the most essential aspects for better fun. Even every book related to this subject claims the same thing that if you are not in shape, then you should get into your shape first. So, if you do not do regular exercise, then now is the time to do that.

Drink wisely: You may not have any idea about it, but alcohol leaves a really negative impact on your sexual potential. The chemical formula of alcohol is just not good for your potential about sex and every good book for this subject claims the same thing. That means, if you have a drinking habit then you need to have a control on it else you will not be able to enjoy the pleasure for longer duration. And once your will lose that potential then any formula will not help you get the pleasure back in your life

Use condoms: This might surprise you but your worries may also affect your capacity for sex. Every book explain this simple formula that if you will stay worried for any risk factor such as unwanted pregnancy, then you won’t be able to perform well. To avoid these worries you can use condom and then you can do all the things in a more confident manner and surely that will enhance your overall experience also in a very positive and fantastic manner.

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